25 Places To Visit In USA Under A Blue Sky

What Experts Saying About Tourist Places in the USA

Tourist Places in USA

Many people don’t think of places to visit in USA to see natural wonders, and when you think of the word “foreign” the US doesn’t even understand. 

However, we have prepared a list of natural wonders in America, which are just as attractive for you as traveling to a different country. 

These places to visit in USA will give you a lifetime experience without the need for a passport! Offer to take out all the hidden natural wonders to pack out your bags and heads that America has to offer – and save some money while you are very short on it! 

List of 25 Best Places to Visit in the USA

25. The White Mountains, New Hampshire: Up a mountain or down to a waterfall, somehow, this park exceeds your expectations. As part of the Appalachian Trail, the view from the White Mountains is nothing short of spectacular, and one of the best places to visit in USA.

The Best Places to Visit In USA

Experience new flora and fauna as you explore the trails. Because most of the routes in this part of the Appalachians are above the timberline, hiking can be extreme and dangerous. 

However, the mountains and trails are remote and often not traveled which allows for a quiet and peaceful hiking experience. The park is surrounded by a national forest to ensure that the area remains undeveloped and natural.

24. New York’s most famous waterfall is Niagara Falls in Eternal Flame Falls is one of the best places to visit in USA, New York, we think this small waterfall deserves some recognition! The Eternal Flame Falls may be a fraction of the size of Niagara but has its own distinctive character.

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Behind the falls, there is a small cavity that leaks through the gas from underground leaks. The widely accepted theory is that the flame continued to burn after being burned by Native Americans many years ago.

Take a hike to reach the falls and be sure to get some photos of the flame that never dies! The path leading to this waterfall can be mud and messy so be sure to be prepared! 

23. Turner Falls Park, Oklahoma: One of the least-visited natural and exotic areas in the US is Turner Falls Park. With a 77-foot waterfall in the park, the area is sure to make you feel like you are traveling for a tropical getaway.

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Nature trails and hiking opportunities are scattered throughout the park and there are many more places too! Experience the Arbuckle mountains, caves, and more in this park.

With swimming holes, beach areas, and caves, this destination is perfect for all family members who are experiencing a small natural wonder in an exotic, fun area. 

22. Olympic National Park, Alpine: From Washington to the coastline, Olympic National Park gives you the full experience. Go hiking, go fishing in the lakes, or enjoy the tide pools on the beach. The activities that visitors find here are endless. Camp right on site so you don’t miss a thing! 

The park has a wide variety of ecosystems that blend together to create a unique encounter with nature. If you want to take your puppy along, this is the right place!, and the best places to visit in USA for you. Here, your dear friend has the opportunity to explore a large part of the park with you and may even become an Olympic National Park Bark Ranger! 

21. Providence Canyon, Georgia: As its small Grand Canyon of Georgia, Providence Canyon State Park offers you a unique experience. Here you can get up close to the rim and travel in the valley on a tour. The colors of the valley create a spectacular contrast with the trees and the horizon and provide an unforgettable view to every visitor. 

While this natural wonder may be beautiful, this structure was not built on its own. The valley is the result of harmful agricultural practices in the 1800s and it stands to inform and educate visitors on the power of man’s influence. 

20. El Yunke National Forest, Puerto Rico: While it may not occur in the contiguous United States, El Yunque National Forest in the Puerto Rico American Territory offers a new vision for all. 

As the only tropical rainforest in the entire US national forest system, the region has unique, biologically diverse flora and fauna that are unusual in the rest of the country. 

You can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from different points in the park. Here, visitors can take a hike, swim, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery that the park has to offer. This is also one of the popular tourist places among all the tourist places to visit in USA.

19. Inspired Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin: Looking for a fun summer destination that can double as a winter wonderland? Inspired Island National Lakeshore is the perfect destination for you! During summer, you can swim along the banks of Canoy, Canoe, and Lake Superior.

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Explore rock islands, cutouts, and caves with water when warm. Then, when the water freezes during the winter and is strong enough to stand on the surface, visitors can explore rock cutouts that turn into mysterious ice caves. In any season, the experience here is a must for any traveler! 

18. Big Sur, California: Everyone dreams of taking a perfect Fiji-Esque beach vacation at some point in their lives. Now, you can fulfill that dream. While it may not be Fiji at all, Big Sur, California does not require a passport or travel across the pond.

Best Places To Visit In USA In December


Here, the mountains fall dramatically into the Pacific with waterfalls and small beaches at the base. Travel to this remote beach by hike or boat and find an incredible getaway that will satisfy your desire for that Fiji trip! 

17. Outer Bank, North Carolina: If you are looking for a getaway from a secluded beach town, North Carolina is the answer for you. The coast houses a strip of islands, known as the Outer Banks, which will redefine your ideal beach vacation. 

The northern islands are mainly composed of forested and undeveloped areas. In areas such as Corolla, you can find wild horses roaming the beaches, while in areas like Hatteras, you can explore the national beach that holds the history of the barrier islands. If you are looking for a more adventurous adventure, we suggest taking a tour with Corolla Jeep Adventures. 

Explore the shore by jeep, kayak, or even ATV and you will not be disappointed. With many state parks, open-beaches, and a small town, this destination is sure to return to you! 

16. Joshua Tree National Park, California: Dip, Colorado and Mojave Desserts in Southern California join together to form Joshua Tree National Park. The park has parts of two different ecosystems combined to create an unusual and attractive landscape. Hiking and climbing on your own or guide the park ranger along the desert. Either way, you are sure to have a great experience here. 

Enjoy the rugged, rocky views scattered throughout Joshua trees and lots of cacti as you come here. 

If you are really looking for an incredible sight, then we suggest camping under the stars. The secluded location of this park makes the night brighter than ever and will leave you with a great view.

15. Kauai, the island of Hawaii as Garden Island and the Island of Discovery, The Best place to visit in the USA: Kauai is a Hawaiian destination like no one else. Used as a backdrop for films such as Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean, it is widely the definition of an uninhabited island alien. With over 60 beaches scattered throughout the scenic drive, waterfalls, valley, and island, you will always have a new place! 

Discover the island by zip-line with ATVs, boats, helicopters, or Kai Tours. Hike, kayak, or just relax and you are sure to experience the natural beauty that covers the crow. Aleutian Island, an Alaska location in the Americas that feels otherwise in the Aleutian Archipelago, off the southern coast of Alaska. 

14. Large volcanic islands and 55 other smaller islands form a barrier between the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. Because these islands lie between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates, there are 57 potentially active volcanoes scattered throughout the landscape if any changes occur. 

These volcanoes contribute to the Northern Territory of the Ring of Fire and create a unique view for any visitor. The wildlife here is completely different from anywhere in the United States and includes a variety of species of sea birds, caribou, foxes, and sea otters. 

13. Thor’s Well, Oregon: This is the natural hole on the coast of Oregon, which drains the surrounding sea. When the tide rises or a storm comes and suddenly the amount of water increases, then the well becomes a spectacular sight. However, this destination is not for everyone. Only nature lovers and photographers seeking thrill-seekers should get out of this seemingly bottomless pit. 

However, it is not dangerous to risk falling into the well. Visitors approaching sneaker waves have the ability to penetrate volcanic rocks. If you are up for the thrill, this is a scene that leaves you breathless. 

12. Havasu Falls, Arizona: This natural wonder is perhaps a little more known, with Havasu Falls still only mildly visited. This foreign destination is only for those who are comfortable with a hike of about 10 miles. Since the falls are located on land that belongs to the Havasupai Indian tribe, the only way to reach the falls is 10 miles, and it must be in the list of your best places to visit in USA.

However, once you fall, both the scene and the experience are incredible. The bright blue water against the Red Rock Valley creates a landscape that is like no other. 

11. Devils Den, Florida: This Floridian spring that forms in a sinkhole is one of the most prehistoric discovery sites in North America. In the underwater cave system, fossils of extinct animals have been found below the Devil’s Den. Take the ladder to the inverted mushroom-shaped cave which is filled with water and go for a swim. 

The site offers scuba gear rentals and encourages guests to explore the underground pool! They also offer diving which takes you to the depths of the cave system and the entrance to the cave system for the more experienced. 

However, entry into the caves is prohibited due to the risks. Offering visitors a view inside the den and various special experiences. 

10. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyominghill: Most people know Yellowstone National Park for Old Faithful, we must have another sight that is located nearby. Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the US and the third-largest in the world. 

The vivid colors and the sheer size make this park one of the most photographed areas. The center of the spring remains a vibrant blue and continues in a color scheme that follows the rainbow from shore to edge. On the route leading to this waterfall, visitors can also see 2 other pools and geysers. 

9. Sailing Stones, California: One of America’s most interesting geological events has to be the Sailing Stones or the Slitting Rocks of the Ratchet Valley in Death Valley National Park, California. The racetrack is a dry lake bed known as a play. The rocks move along the playa at a speed of 5 meters per minute without interference. 

The scientists concluded that the movement is caused by the ice sheet melting below the surface and being pushed by the winds. Here, visitors can watch the rocks shake and leave the track behind. 

8. Lost Sea, one of America’s widely unfamiliar natural wonders, is located deep in Tennessee. Inside the caves located below Tennessee, you can find America’s largest underground lake. Tours include walking to the bottom of the cave and riding a glass-boat across the Lost Sea. Spread over a large section of Craighead Caverns, this underground body of water has a known 4 and a half acres of land, however, the entire extent of the lake is still not measured. 

Used as a Cherokee meeting site and a salt mine, carried by the Confederate troops, the interior holds an infinite amount of history with incomparable landmarks. 

7. Northern Lights, Alaska: Aurora Borealis is considered one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. This event illuminates the sky of Alaska during the fall and winter seasons and is a must for any nature lover! 

Take a trip or just find a place where there is no light around and watch the light roam across the sky. Locals suggest seeing lights from the flat top overlook in the anchorage area of Denali National Park due to the lack of light pollution on the 6 million uninhabited acres that make up the park. 

If you like experiencing new wildlife, we suggest you explore Manali during the day too! 

6. Palouse Falls State Park, Washington: Palouse Falls State Park may be a small park, only 105 acres, but the beauty it holds is immeasurable. The 198-foot waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and dramatic rock valley which is 377 feet deep. 

Enjoy kayaking on the river or hiking the many trails that cover the rim and provide access to incredible scenery. 

In spring and summer, there is a greater flow of water in Gir whereas, in winter, rocks freeze around. Just a short distance from the main highway, this sparsely populated area looks like it should be buried in the middle of a foreign forest. The falls are considered to be one of the topmost places in the US and visitors describe the scene as picturesque.

5.Devils Kettle, Minnesota: As one of America’s greatest natural secrets, Devils Kettle was on this list! This Minnesotan falls off into the pit of the Brule River. No one knows where the water goes. It is almost as if half of the Brule River is disappearing into thin air. 

Scientists have conducted tests with dye, cameras, and objects, yet no one gives an explanation. While this may be just a small scene, the truly spectacular aspect is the mystery that surrounds it.

4. The fly geyser, only one mile away from the NevadaLoid Pete route, makes this natural wonder feel as if it were dr. Was taken directly from Cess’s book. The fly geyser is widely unknown and remains isolated from the typical tourist areas in Nevada usually filled with what tourists experience. 

This geyser can no longer flow water, however, two other small geysers in the area filter out the hot water and release it. While Geiger is on private land, those who call the owners before their trip will be able to experience the vision from above. 

The property was recently purchased and is rumored to be commercialized soon. This site is one of the best and least-known names in Nevada, so take advantage of it while it is still remote! 

3. No need to travel all the way to the Irish coast to see Mohegan Bluffs, Rhode Island There when you can experience something beautiful right here in America! While Ireland may be known for the beautiful, green cliffs that fall dramatically into the sea, it is not the only place in the world where you can find those iconic beach lines. 

2. The Mohegan Bluffs of Rhode Island are lined with grass cliffs, which will make you feel like you’re in a different country. 

Take the 141 stairs down to the beach for a swim or surf or enjoy a picnic on the grassy hill. Visitors say that it has one of the most dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Banana River, Florida Banana River Nothing can be spectacular during the day, it tops our list the way it comes to life at night. 

As one of the six places in the world where you can see bioluminescence, it is one of the most exotic things to experience in America. Hop in a kayak and travel with BK Adventure Tours, and experience first-hand light. When you paddle the water appears blue. Bioluminesis is the result of microorganisms that photosynthesize during the day and accumulate in the water. They release a chemical that emits a bright blue glow when they move during the night. 

Paddle through a school of fish and see what sounds like fireworks go underwater. You will be amazed after your experience here! 

1. Mendenhall Caves, Alaskantopping from our list, is the Mendenhall Glacier located miles outside the city of Junu, Alaska. 

The natural glacier is located on Tongas National Forest and is a great place to have an exotic experience in American nature. Rivers emerge from these caves by melting a glacier hole. Because of this, the caves are accessible only by kayak. 

After the kayak, guests have to climb the ice and climb the site. Inside the caves, visitors are met with sights that are so extraordinary that they seem unrealistic. Glacial snow gives a bright blue appearance and provides a vibrant landscape to take everyone inside. 

However this is not an easy journey, so before going on this trek, make sure that you are adequately prepared. If you want to explore these caves on a tour, we suggest you to Janeu Mendenhall Glacier Ice Adventure. 


The Best Places to Visit in USA Summary:

As the only tropical rainforest in the entire US national forest system, the region has unique, biologically diverse flora and fauna that are unusual in the rest of the country. 

Because these islands lie between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates, 57 potentially active volcanoes that are scattered throughout the landscape could explode if any change occurs. 

Spread over a large section of the crease head caverns, this underground body of water covers a known 4 and a half acres, however, the entire extent of the lake is still not measured.

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