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The United States of America (US / USA) is geographically the fourth largest country on the planet Earth. Obviously, there is a huge potential for tourism in the US, and it remains a top travel destination. I was traveling to the USA in October 2016. It was such a memorable journey. In this post, I will share my memories from the USA trip. I will also summarize the issues related to safe travel in USA. 

Here are some common key points of my USA trip. My trip flew from Singapore to Seattle with Korean Air. I had to transition to South Korea, and it was another memorable part of my journey. In the United States, I primarily visited the West Coast. The trip started from Seattle, and then I flew to Los Angeles, took an overnight bus to San Francisco, and then flew out of the country. 

I flew in and out of the USA with Korean Air. It was a memorable trip, and I would recommend everyone to travel to the USA. Being expensive in the US makes it feel like if you are in the USA, you have to have two things – a car (rent one if you can’t) one yourself), and start cooking. Eating outside is expensive. In the cities I listed, it is fairly normal to pay the US $ 10 for a typical meal at McDonald’s, including burgers, french fries, and a drink. 

The subway was equally expensive. After seeing a good number of countries, I can confirm that traveling in the USA or tourism in the US is the most expensive. If you are traveling to the USA, make sure that you have good financial health. GPS NavigationYou has to become an expert using GPS in the United States. If you are not already an expert, I believe you are going to be one within a few days. Countries and cities are so large that if you are not good in directions, you can skip walking a few kilometers from anywhere. Get street smart before landing in the USA. A one-time immigration queue on immigration is really long, and it keeps growing. 

Although immigration is really fast. However, there was no immigration check while flying outside the USA. I just got a boarding pass, got in flight, and flew out of the country – very direct. Airport SecurityThere were very heavy securities deployed at airports. You must undergo an X-ray scan before taking off. The staff members of the airport were very professional and friendly. Energetic English always felt a high amount of energy in the use of English when communicating with the local people. When they speak, the tone carries a lot of weight. The pronunciations are usually very clear and understandable. Like, I had no language issues during my trip to the USA. 

Backpacking backpacked in San Francisco during a visit to USAI; I paid around $ 50 / night. There were 6 beds in the room. I was the only boy, the rest were girls from 5 different countries. We were all talking in the room. Sometimes it was a little crazy. I remember, once I asked him “Hey, I’m a minority here, do you all think I’m safe here with all of you”, and we all laughed together. Diversity in the United States is a very diverse country. Like, I had never seen such a diverse country. You will find people of all races, religions in the United States. There are also a lot of Asians there. Korean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican. A lot of Taiwanese students in the United States were under something called the “work and travel” program. You will feel the diversity of the population in the United States everywhere. People are generally very helpful. Girls have a good sense of fashion. Public transportation did not take a taxi or rent a car as well as anywhere in the United States. 

I only used public transport and relied heavily on GPS. Overall, I think public transport in cities is quite good. To save money, you can buy tourist passes, daily passes. Otherwise, even public transport can be quite expensive. For example, in Seattle, the minimum bus fare is the US $ 2.5. In China, the minimum bus fare is CNY 1. Not to mention, 1 USD = CNY 7. You can definitely rent a car. Although the fare varies, for the price of 100 USD per day, you should rent a good car. BoltBus RideMy was an overnight trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco by BoltBus. 

I had booked an online bus (USD $ 34.00) from Los Angeles (Union Station) to San Francisco (200 Folsom) Greyhound Slip 1. The bus departed at 10:00 am local time. There were only 7-8 people on the bus. The bus took about 8 hours to reach LA from SF (to be more precise at around 05:45). The bus had free Wi-Fi. Each seat had mobile charging points. 

We stopped in the middle of a local restaurant for about half an hour. The highways of the United States are terrific. If you have time you can try a long drive in the USA. My bus trip was really good, and I would recommend Bolts.

I was a solo traveler and bolt buss in the USA. Didn’t see any security issues with the cafe trip? Well, I have no problem anywhere. I had a safe trip to the USA. I think if you have done your homework then tourism in America is very safe. For example, I had listed some dangerous areas and avoided going (Skid Row in Los Angeles, for example). In fact, I remember walking around the Seattle Great Wheel, and there were two people sitting and smoking. 

They invited me to join them for a smoke, that I politely declined, and there was no further issue. Purchased a T-Mobile SIM card in Seattle upon purchasing a prepaid mobile SIM card. It was for the US $ 32, with around 5GB of data valid for one month. I have used it in all the cities above, and I would suggest that T-Mobile.USA climate varies from city to city. October is the best time to visit Seattle because autumn is in full swing. 

Los Angeles was a bit hot. San Francisco was colder than LA. October is a really good time to visit the West Coast. No problem with USA climate. USA FoodI is not sure that there is something called “USA food”. 

You can definitely find food from all over the world in the United States. The concept of “24-hour breakfast” seems to be very popular. Visiting Barswell, visiting bars in the United States was another memorable experience.

I just met a girl in a street in Seattle, and we went to the subway for a normal chit-chat. Later we decided to go to a bar, and we went to a nearby bar. I was not carrying my passport. He was one though. So we were not allowed to enter the first bar we tried. At once, we managed to enter but were asked to leave. We finally manage to hang out at once. However, as we ordered the drinks, we were asked to show identification cards. Since I did not carry one, and could not buy an alcoholic beverage (I did not want either). 

So I had a normal meal with a soft drink. The girl got a crazy drink, though I was completely fine. Wi-Fi CONNECTIVITY in the USAT is Wi-Fi almost everywhere in the United States. The surprising part was the availability of Wi-Fi inside the flights. It was free for T-Mobile users; You just need to enter the flight (after landing). 

I remember I met a girl in Singapore when I was on the air, flying from Seattle to Los Angeles. Saying “hello” to unknown persons was traveling in the Los Angeles subway, and an unfamiliar old man was sitting in front of me. He suddenly asked me in a very strict tone – Do you have a good day? Imagine asking this question to an Indian friend (it’s going to be fun if you’re in India). 

I gave him a positive answer. But for a moment I thought – why would my day be bad. Even if I have a bad day, why do I need to tell you? I was lost going to the Getty Villa Museum in Los Angeles by a public bus (bus number 534). The museum is located far away from the city. There were many hot Mexican girls on the bus. I had a great chat with some of them – and forgot to check my GPS. By the time I checked my GPS, I was 5 km north of the museum. 

I immediately exited the bus at the next bus stop – not exchanging contact with the beauties. The next bus in the reverse direction came after 20 minutes and did not stop. After the next 20 minutes, another bus arrived and it stopped. The driver asked me – what are you doing here? Very Dangerous !!! I managed to return. 

The point is – check your GPS regularly if you are on a bus. Don’t always get stuck with beauties, oh man! Take a walk around the riverfront in the evening. You should take a walk on the riverfront. There are many evening shows in the riverfront. I remember attending such a street demonstration in San Francisco. Two black people were playing drums. He played the drums really well. After every two minutes, they would stop and say loudly, “Say, oh yes” – very loud indeed. Then everyone would loudly repeat “O yes”. Then there were many people, including doubles, singles, children, all-dances without giving the world grief. It was really, really very funny. 

I think USA is a country where you can test your travel skills. The country is large, and public transport always leaves something desired in your mind. I must say that tourism in America is just great. I would love to come back as soon as possible. This is all for this post on tourism in the US. If you find the write-up useful, buy me a beer!

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