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Usually When We Should Book Air Tickets to Get it at Low Cost?

This is derived from a study by Airlines Reporting Corporation, the company that processes ticket transactions. This study was done in 2012. 2012 was the year of Gangnam style. Things have changed since then.
If you don’t believe us, the same company repeated the study after two years. In this report, it is stated that the lowest average ticket price for domestic flights can be found 57 days before departure. The lowest average ticket price for international flights was found to be 171 days before departure. In 2 years there were massive changes in the days that were considered the cheapest to buy a flight.


Perhaps what you can take away from the 6-week and 57-day rules is that the booking is very quick, especially for short-haul and domestic flights.
According to these two studies, as with many others on the Internet, the cheapest time to buy flights is almost never when they are first issued. This means that if you plan your weekend months and months in advance to save money on flights, you are wasting your time.
Therefore, as the date draws closer, flights become cheaper. But, keep in mind that at some point, they will most likely go back up.


The idea behind this is that once you search for a flight on a travel or airline website, that website identifies that you are interested in that specific route and it will issue a browser cookie that will be sent to you the next time Will increase the price by Find flights for the same route on the same website.
There have been many studies on this where people have run multiple searches with and without cookies attached to their browsers and compared the findings of each search. These studies have produced variable results. Sometimes flight prices go up, sometimes they don’t. One constant that appears in these studies is that in cases where flight prices increase, the cookies attached to the browser do not have sufficient stability to attribute the price change.
From our point of view, while we cannot speak for other flight booking websites, we want to assure 100% that this is not something we do at alternative airlines. All the prices we display are derived from a live system, the price of which is determined by the airline.
Therefore, if Tuesday is not the best day to buy flights and it is suggested that Thursday and Friday are the best days, then it is not enough. When is the best day to buy flights?
In fact, there is no one there. Honestly, it is better to spend time and effort on the flight you want when you buy, so you focus instead on flying. Whether you buy a flight when the destination you are traveling to is out of season or you decide to fly in mid-week instead of the weekend, buying your flight at off-peak times is the surest thing. Is the way. Rewarded me with a good deal.

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